About Us:


If learning struggles are impeding your quality of life, you may benefit from cognitive skills training at LearningRx. We are a brain training center in Louisville and Springhurst that pairs students with their own brain trainers for customized mental workouts. Backed by 20 completed or ongoing studies, our programs target the underlying skills that are crucial to learning, reading, and understanding. After you take our Brain Skills Assessment, our trainers will pinpoint your trouble areas and put together a program consisting of challenging yet rewarding mental exercises. We are a fitness routine for the mind.


The programs at LearningRx - Louisville Springhurst are backed by over 35 years of research and testing, which has allowed us to improve our brain training to achieve maximum results. We are proud to have enhanced the lives of over 100,000 clients and look forward to working with you to train your brain and improve your life. All it usually takes is a little push and a lot of encouragement to overcome learning barriers and reach new heights. We can’t wait to see what you can achieve!

Meet Our Staff

I’m the Owner/Director of Louisville’s LearningRx. I have worked for LearningRx since our center opened in June of 2011, and I took over as the owner in June of 2019. I have a background in Psychology and Social Work and I’m passionate about helping people succeed. I continue to be astounded by the success of our students on a daily basis, it hasn’t grown old even after 9 years! I’d love to talk to you about how we can help you or someone you love!

I’ve worked in Education for over a decade in various roles. I hold a BA in Psychology from the University of Louisville and have been a trainer at LearningRx since 2017. I’m also Mom to Bailey, Emme and Avery and a guinea pig named Jingle Bells. I love that LearningRx fosters an environment for learning and lets us build authentic relationships with our students. Whether it is a difficult session because of the intensity of an activity or because it was a bad day at school, students know that we are there to support them.

I grew up on Long Island, New York. I have a MSW. I worked as a social worker for many years. We have happily called Kentucky our home for the last ten years. LearningRx helped my teenage son greatly. It was immediately evident the staff were professionals, with proven interventions. It was an easy decision for me to become a trainer and it’s immensely satisfying to turn tears of frustration into smiles of confidence and pride.

I am from China but have spent most of my life in Louisville, KY. I graduated from University of Southern California with a B.S. in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and want to pursue medicine. I joined LearningRx because I love working one-one-one with children and people of all backgrounds and helping them develop skills they use in everyday life.

I’m from St. Louis and graduated from University of Louisville with a major in Exercise Science. My favorite part about working at LearningRx is helping kids overcome things they never thought they could. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, my three dogs, and horseback riding.

Artist Extraordinaire. I am a Recording and Sound engineer as well as a music artist and I am in the midst starting my own seasoning business. What interested me about LearningRx is the ability the program has to help people. Training is amazing! I love dealing with all the different varieties of kids and people and tailoring the trainings toward their learning style. I enjoy it and have fun doing it.

After graduating college with a degree in English Literature I knew I wanted to work with kids so that I could instill in them a passion for reading. Getting to know my clients one-on-one while playing cognitive games and building their brain skills has been even more rewarding than I anticipated. Almost a decade later, I still cherish the opportunity to change lives and bring happiness to all kinds of people through brain training.

Always being intrigued by how the mind works, I pursued a Bachelor of Science in psychology. When I came across LearningRx and how the program strengthens cognitive skills for people of all ages, I knew this was the kind of work that I would enjoy. I find fulfillment in making a difference in someone’s life by giving them the resources needed to reach their full potential. Getting to know students and supporting them throughout the process of brain training is something I look forward to every day!

I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin but Louisville is my home where I raised a family and taught Reading/Spanish for over 20 years. I am fortunate to have observed the first session with my grandson who went through LearningRx training. I then realized how LearningRx can show anyone how to use their brain's capacity. What great accomplishments are possible! I'm excited to be a part of this team of dedicated and supportive people.

I am a Chilean English-Spanish Translator, graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. In my home country, I worked in Education for over 13 years, mainly in the areas of English as a Foreign Language and International Relations. Helping people has always been one of my passions, that's why I decided to accept the challenge of becoming a Trainer. I really love to have the opportunity to help the students of our programs to develop their skills to succeed in their daily lives.